How to Connect the Computer to Internet Using xperia x8?Support

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  1. Daredevil777

    Daredevil777 Member

    How to Connect the Computer to Internet Using xperia x8?

    Do we have any application to bridge the pc & X8?

    Please let me know.:(

    Thanks in advance

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    If you mean using your phones data plan then you can have a look on the market for apps like PDANet or Easytether. They both have a free version and then you can buy the authorisation code if you want the full version.
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  3. Daredevil777

    Daredevil777 Member

    rosered thanks for the reply. really worth it:D
  4. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    Those app's are really good ONLY if u want a big screen for your Mobil. The apps DONT relay the PC signel so much as RE-SEND PC data as MOBIL data. Fine for a few general web sites but will drive you crazy when the web server keep's telling your PC it is a Mobil.


    I have since decided NEVER to buy Sony Ericsson again, and if this phone dose not do what I want, I may as well void warrenty. As a replacement would be of NO use!!!

    I have Xperia X8, Floyo AND now the option to tether.
    I only have Microsoft XP, I have the extra drivers required due to android only tethering to Unix, Mac, win7 and a few others.
    I still however get an error msg when I enble USB tethering.
    As with Eclair wifi tethering still reports kernal dose not support.

    Has anybody ell's had this experience? Or more importantly succeeded in tethering an X8?

    I respect all replys, but if you tell me about an app on market then you are a ******.
    PS. Easy tether lite helped me downloading new ROMS and XRecovery.
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  5. ravi_X8

    ravi_X8 Member

    thank u so much for this just a newbee........
  6. ravi_X8

    ravi_X8 Member

    does it need pc companion to be installed on pc???or we have to just directly connect x8 to pc through usb cable????plzzzzz reply soon.waiting........
  7. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    Get easy tether light from the market, when u install then run for the first time it will give you an option to download the computer side of it. Or tell you the web address, they make it easy.

    Use your PHONE to download it to your sd card.

    connect usb to pc. Then select "connect" or mount, and u will be able to see the sd card on your pc, find and run the pc app you downloaded using the phone.

    then follow a few simple instructions on screen

    I cant figure out what pc companion can be used for that windows explorer cant do? At least nokia and samsung and the rest have features beond a file mannager. Its basicly a waste of time and slows your bootup time, takes mem and sucks ****

    USB debugging is not harmfull if you plug into your own computer and you dont try to update or hack it, so just enable it when prompted, VERY easy to disable again
    Happy mobil web service from sony ericsson NOT lol
  8. adlinraya

    adlinraya New Member

    hi.. i use Xperia x8 eclair 2.1, PDAnet 2.42, and windows 7 ultimate. and already use to make internet connection and OK..
  9. DunKONGx8

    DunKONGx8 Member

    I promise PDAnet OR Easy Tether will work. BUT!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE PULLING THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES. You are NOT TETHERING. All you are doing is getting your phone to change the data from PC to Mobile data and back. Your computer is not connected to the net, your phone is, so hope your admins let you log onto EVERYTHING from your phone (good luck).
    If you actually tether a phone, it is, in fact a USB MODEM (sold as internet sticks in australia, not sure what the world call's em). This means when your computer sends infomation on the net, the other end will receive data from a computer (not your mobile as with mentioned app's).
    I think pda has an option to "mask" this problem, and as I say, it's only a mask, any decient administrator will detect where the data is from reguardless of the fake header.

    I plan to rage war with Sony Erisson over this. We all payed good money for own phones, and have the right to use them. I got mine bundled with a data plan, what a joke, who can i sue haha
  10. DarkDrift

    DarkDrift New Member

    I know the problem your talking about but that isnt a problem with sony as i have had 3 previouse sonys a w series that i cant recall the modal of a k800i and a k850i and i tetherd all 3 as a modem useing sony pc suit but since they moved to android and changed to pc companion it does not work anymore. the problem is android itself.
  11. zanxion72

    zanxion72 Member

    X8 does not have a modem and thus it cannot be used as an interface between your computer and mobile internet connection.

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