How to keep my custom ringtones from showing up in my default music player (Pantech Burst)Support

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    yea, This problem is getting pretty annoying and I've been searching on sites related to andriod to help with this issue. They all say to make/ copy and paste a file called ".nomedia" ( w/o quotes) into a folder ( along w/ your Ringtones,Notifications, Etc) you don't want showing up in your default music player. I already tired this and as a result, My ringtones did disappeared from my music player, but when I went to "Settings" and then to the "Sound" menu to set my ringtones, I found that my ringtones have disappear from there as well.

    Next, another forum told me that I had to make directories within my Internal SD card, which I did and that still didn't solve my problem >.<

    Plz some help me solve this Issue ASAP !!!!! DX


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