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  1. TDmkr28

    TDmkr28 New Member

    So I rooted my phone and used a file manager to find my messages in /data/data/ My question is what do I do now to restore them. I'm not familiar with the whole adb command sort of stuff

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, TDmkr28!
    There's a couple apps out there to help you backup/restore SMS. One is Titanium Backup (which I personally use). It will backup any app with data if/when you need to wipe your phone.

    Did you wipe your phone before rooting without backing up your SMS beforehand? If so, you will have lost them.
  3. TDmkr28

    TDmkr28 New Member

    no, for some reason one day when I was texting all my sms were gone, so I rooted my phone and found them in the file I listed above. I just want to know how to get them back to where I can see them as texts
  4. TDmkr28

    TDmkr28 New Member

    To clarify I did not delete my sms messages, I was just texting one day and then all of a sudden they were gone. I rooted my phone and downloaded Root Browser Lite and located the sms in the file listed above. However I am asking how to get these from a file to the point where I can view them as texts again?
  5. SGSI

    SGSI Well-Known Member

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