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how to resize android partitions ?

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  1. DidiDidi

    DidiDidi New Member


    I have an Android 2.1 Onda VX570R pmp. It has 4Go flash memory, but they partitioned it so I have a big fat32 space to store files and only 250Mo space in hidden system partition to store games and apps I install... :( And this little space ran out of space...

    So, I want to resize the partitions, cut 1,5Go from the big fat32 partition and give it to the hidden partition which stores games instead. How can I do that ? (On Windows XP.) Partition Wizard and Partition Magic can't see these partitions. :(


  2. DidiDidi

    DidiDidi New Member

    Er, nobody knows ?...

    I searched "enlarge android data partition" on google but I don't find anything.

    I tried with GParted, which is supposed to be able to resize ext3 partitions, but it only finds the fat32 partition, not any of the android partitions... :\
  3. Mazarin07

    Mazarin07 Member

    Nobody knows even after years, because Android is a crap.

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