how to root Tattoo

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  1. mobile@123

    mobile@123 New Member


    to to get root access in Tattoo ??

    any idea .

  2. horobi

    horobi New Member

    same problem for me
  3. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    Same problem here.
  4. CranKy

    CranKy Member

    Same here...

    Well, lets pray and hope god will us give the answer oO
  5. 51457491

    51457491 New Member

    same problem too
  6. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    i found a intresting blog about rooting a htc tattoo ( read the comments )
  7. BTaylor

    BTaylor Active Member

    Care to share the link please? :)
  8. swennl

    swennl Active Member

  9. r00n

    r00n Guest

    Does someone else has a link what tells me why I should want to root my Tattoo? Maybe there is a simple list somewhere? I don't know where to search for so I can't find it myself on this forum.

  10. swennl

    swennl Active Member

  11. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    if someone root his tattoo ....
    pls tell us how did you do it ?
  12. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    Maby this will help for some people to root the tattoo, and help us ? (A)
    This is Android 1.6 (Radio Image - System Image - Recovery Image)
    HTC - Developer Center
  13. diskhub

    diskhub Member

    So Swennl,
    you brought me to this thread... have u found the way to root tattoo?
  14. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    No I don't but i hope alot of people will come here. so we can find a solucion together.
  15. PatD

    PatD Member

  16. diskhub

    diskhub Member

    The link does not work.
    Besides, we are not keen in Unlocking tattoo.
    We want to root tattoo
  17. aero9

    aero9 New Member

    meanwhile, is there a way we can install themes on a tattoo? seeing as how it cant be rooted as of yet.
  18. swennl

    swennl Active Member

  19. dusan7

    dusan7 Member

  20. zenga

    zenga New Member

    Hello to all

    I'm new at android, always had winmo phones.
    By root you mean unlock the phone so we can flash with other roms?
    Like in winmo hard spl?
    Sorry if it is a stupid question, but i'm on my first steps with Tattoo.

  21. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    yes it's like that.
    for iphone or ipod touch users it is jailbraiking.
  22. accateb

    accateb Member

  23. finhex

    finhex Member

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  24. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

  25. finhex

    finhex Member

    Not any test results. Just I feel that it's better, for example changing desktops in HTC sense seems to be faster and might be that battery life also has improved little. Nothing radical but worth trying if you know what you are going to do and understand possible risks of updating Tattoo...

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