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[How To] Swap Internal And External(MicroSD) This Is Real

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  1. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    I Have Written This Guide On How To Swap Internal And External. You Must Be Rooted
    I did not modify the files, i am just uploading a tutorial on how to perform this mod.

    Please download this small zip file as it is all you need.Follow the instructions in the read me file.

    This is my first guide so please bare with me and comment on how i can improve

    This is legit, I am currently got it activated on my phone and I now have 8gb internal + 1.1 external Hehehehehe.

    If you are having dificulties then post and i will try to help you

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  2. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

    Thanks for your hard work. Maybe I'll try this method later. I really appreciate this.
  3. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    You welcome, I am here To help. ALSO if filezilla cant connect the first time,tape stop and start again, keep trying as sometimes it takes a few tries
  4. Rik D

    Rik D Member

    I had a look at the instructions, and my brain just switched off!
    I don't think I've got the confidence to attempt anything like this, yet.

    But, well done for putting the instructions together.
    I hope lots of members will appreciate it.
  5. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    trust me, try it. its only got 20 steps because i am being noob friendly, for example i even wasted like 4 steps in explaining how to connect the phone to pc
  6. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    can someone confirm that this is working?
  7. muxa

    muxa New Member

    Hello. Are you tried it on your phone and if it works? I can not open a Word document read me_How the install.
  8. wazaka

    wazaka New Member

    easy instruction and it work beautifully.

    i been looking for a solution for a long time.

    thank you very much :)
  9. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    I have it on my phone using it
  10. SaswordAA

    SaswordAA New Member

    Step 14 -how to Install and startup Filezilla?Where is Filezilla,i cant find it =.=
  11. SaswordAA

    SaswordAA New Member

    Now i drag the system and META-INF file to 1st folder but It come out "Critical file transfer error"
  12. wazaka

    wazaka New Member

    you need to create a new directory by right clicking. an then click on new directory. make sure you rename new directory to META-INF.

    open the META-INF file you have downloaded drag the content of the file into the META-INF on the phone.
  13. wazaka

    wazaka New Member

    download it off the internet its free
  14. gavanid

    gavanid Member

    :mad:cant read, read me??? , it appears like this:mad:

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  15. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    Reuploaded and fixed :)
  16. iKevvin

    iKevvin Member

    Hello I did this a couple months ago and had no problems but recently I rebooted my phone and noticed so far the stock music player and gallery do not recognise any files I have on my SD Card which is now my internal memory. For example the music player doesn't have any of my songs from the SD and if I take a screenshot it does not appear in the gallery app, but if I look for the files I want in my files app on the phone they are there. Strange huh?
  17. iKevvin

    iKevvin Member

    Never mind I managed reflash a Stock ROM...Lost a lot of files though :(
  18. Ojwood

    Ojwood New Member

    Does this work on 4.1 leaked software??
  19. triger

    triger Well-Known Member

    Is this working?im just new hir
  20. bib123

    bib123 New Member

    U cant open the read me file .Help
  21. bob232f

    bob232f New Member

    Would this work on the new update 4.1.2 jellybean....
  22. hayju

    hayju New Member

    Excellent instructions thank you, my sons 18160 now has 32gb internal (shrinking by the minute as he installs games)

    One problem though, sometimes (not always) when he phone comes back from standby the sd card is not mounted correctly as there are no files in My Files and apps are unavailable. Have to reboot the phone to get them back.

    any ideas?
  23. georgesh96

    georgesh96 New Member

    Look you dont need swap to sd or link to sd you simply need gl ro sd
  24. pedroc1999

    pedroc1999 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the absence, My Ace2 overheated a few weeks ago and im getting it back tomorrow, so will update to JB and check then.

    It should work, as the files modified are before the OS kicks in, if you have any more questions, im much more active on Overclock.Net (find me as PedroC1999) or Skype - live:pedrocaetano2009_1
  25. apinya24

    apinya24 Active Member

    I cannot read the instructions, any chance of uploading it again and letting me know what program to open it with?

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