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How to Unroot/Uninstall Cyanogenmod

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  1. Tylor_Hernande

    Tylor_Hernande New Member

    I have a Glaxy Note from ATT it is rooted using Cyanogenmod V5.0.2.0 I hate it and I want it off of here. I have no idea what I am doing with this phone. Can any one please help me to uninstall and flash it back to original stock regular galaxy note. Thanks.

  2. selectliju

    selectliju New Member

    I too have the issue, which is rooted with 4.0.4 cyanogenmod. How to revert it back to the original state. But i am not sure that I have a backup of the OS.. I have backed up everything through Kies that I have. IS it enough to revert it back to original state.

    Is it possible to take a backup from another samsung note GT7000 and restore it in my note?

    Could any body please help???
  3. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Just do a full wipe and install a stock ROM. You can find them here by searching for GT-N7000
  4. Raj Sekhar

    Raj Sekhar Well-Known Member

  5. leadsllu

    leadsllu New Member

    Hi guys I installed cyanogenmod 10.1.3 on my galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 but this mod is really unstable and I am new to android so plz can any one tell me how to get back original Samsung ROM that was running initially in my phone ??
  6. Devouer

    Devouer New Member


    for remove custom rom, turn off your phone, then press volume up + home button and power button.

    after that wipe data and wipe cache.

    depends on your boot rom you can choose restart to download rom or just restart and turn off your phone. now pres volume DOWN + home screen and power button.

    be sure that your PC have right drivers for your phone, connect your Phone with your PC.

    turn on Odin_v3.xx and check if oddin search your Phone.

    After that look at sammobile.com and download originaly firmware.

    Leave configuration as it is onlz click at AP button and choose downloaded firmware.
    press the start button, and its done.

    Hope so it helps

  7. xdkillsxd

    xdkillsxd New Member

    1. Hey guys my Phone is samsung galaxy s3 with Cyanogenmod how can i go back to original firmware

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  8. xdkillsxd

    xdkillsxd New Member

  9. xdkillsxd

    xdkillsxd New Member

    I have samsung galaxy s3 with Cyanogenmod how can i go back to original firmware and when i Thy to use odin it frezzing how can i fix that and i have waiting a one hour please helt me :(

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  10. Thephoneguy1

    Thephoneguy1 New Member

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and I have Cyanogenmod on it. The idiot whom I bought it from installed it and now there are a lot of functions that do not work. The brightness is dimmer, there is an orange bar at the bottom of the screen, and the camera is just really bad. Someone please help! Thanks!

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