HTC Chacha front camera video calling apps ??Tips

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  1. tegr961

    tegr961 Member


    I've been looking for an application that works on HTC chacha to do video calls over the internet using front facing camera to android and other platforms like Windows PC or Symbian.

    Please share any apps to do that if you know any.


  2. tegr961

    tegr961 Member

  3. tegr961

    tegr961 Member

  4. orangepeel99

    orangepeel99 New Member

    Works well with video calling, i have a Nokia N8 and my daughter has the chacha and we video each other when we can and it works with the front facing camera
  5. othyalam

    othyalam New Member

    is htc chacha supporting fring video calls? as fring team mailed me that they will design something for htc chacha but its not out yet, they are working on it. Can any one please tell me if fring is working on htc chacha
    Thank You
  6. shabbirrazi

    shabbirrazi New Member

    You can use Tango for video calls... works fine

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