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  1. emibaby

    emibaby New Member

    I have recently unlocked my desire useing htcdev worked first time but ive been told i can load any roms becuase
    golfu pvt ship s-on rl is this reading write or should it say S_off ??
    hboot 1.28.0000

    ive try to load roms to no evail rom manager recovery boot fast loader and so on

    any help in finding the right info or even rom flash utility
    maybe i need to turn S_off as im abit of a newbie at this lol i rely on others good will to lead me in the right places
    many tks

    hope i picked write place to post sorry if i didnt

  2. bradleybrand

    bradleybrand New Member

    I need help with this too! Hopefully me commenting will draw more attention to the matter.

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