HTC Desire HD GPS transformed from unusable to perfect

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    Mar 27, 2011
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    Gone to GPS fix in a few seconds then spot on accuracy from not working at all

    I've surfed for months & found bits of what works for me to fix this, but never found all of this together:

    I get GPS fix in 5 to 10 seconds outdoors & often indoors by doing the following (I suggest you write down your original settings so you can reset things when not using Sat Nav or other GPS dependent apps):

    - menu - Settings - Location (switch GPS on & Wireless networks off)

    - menu - Settings - Wireless & networks (switch Wi-fi & Mobile network off)

    - menu - Settings - Wireless & networks - Mobile networks - Access Point Names (make sure there is an entry with your network provider name & default,supl underneath it. Create a new entry if this doesn't exist. Highlight this entry)

    - Start GPS Status (it's free from the Market) you should get a very quick GPS fix.

    - In my case Locations & Premium Navigation work smoothly & with spot on accuracy now.

    If this proves useful to others it would be great if a developer with the right skills could write a widget to do this!

    Hope it helps some of you,


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    Apr 9, 2011
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    Hello David,

    Just got a new HTCDHD and I cannot get the GPS to work either. I'm waiting for a new sim from my my new supplier and when I get transferred over I will try your suggestions. Do I run GPS status before or after I run locations? Do I need to run GPS status every time I use GPS on locations, premium nav or google maps?

    I've just looked at - menu - Settings - Wireless & networks - Mobile networks - Access Point Names and my entry is o2 postpay and in small text underneath it says I can't see any reference to default,supl ???? It's the only entry in Access Point Names.

    Thanks Ray :)

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