HTC Droid Incredible w/ EXTRAS

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  1. Colbyb25

    Colbyb25 Member

    I am selling my wife's 2 month old HTC Droid Incredible for $425. Her work is now paying for her phone so we don't need the phone.

    The package includes:

    HTC Droid Incredible with the AMOLED Screen (MSRP $599)
    All Original Accessories
    4GB Micro SD ($25 Value)
    Red Verizon Case ($20 Value)
    HTC 2150 Extended Battery + Back Cover ($65 Value)
    ZAGG Invisible Shield Protective Cover ($15 Value)

    all for $425

    Total value if bought in the store would be over $700

    There is a very small mark on the top right of the phone, but besides that it is flawless. Virtually New.


    Plenty of positive feedback on ebay: tylerdurden_25


  2. itpromike

    itpromike Well-Known Member

    Still for sale?
  3. CXXV

    CXXV Well-Known Member

    No way you paid that much for it.
  4. lewblue83

    lewblue83 Well-Known Member

    probably not, but YOU WOULD if you werent signing a new contract and wanted the incredible. i think thats the point hes trying to make here.
  5. hakoreh

    hakoreh Well-Known Member

    how about $250 just for the phone? seriously
  6. lewblue83

    lewblue83 Well-Known Member

    youve been offering everyone 250 for their incredibles. meanwhile they fetch at least 350 ALL DAY LONG on craigslist.

    let me guess. your one of those guys with a cell phone shop that steals all the good deal so you can flip the phone for twice what you paid? do i got that about right?
  7. DROIDdidME

    DROIDdidME Well-Known Member

  8. hakoreh

    hakoreh Well-Known Member

    yeah i do know that but it's called i have no money and my wife needs a phone. she hates the moto droid so if someone wants to trade for a moto droid 1 and i'll throw in some cash..?

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