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HTC evo design 4g suckGeneral

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  1. tuanngnt

    tuanngnt Active Member

    I just retired my HTC evo design 4g after getting it for $190 on craiglist and use only a few days of it. It is terrible slow comparing to Samsung Transform Ultra. It did get some awesome features comparing to TU; but I can live without those features on my TU. Now I go back to my darling TU. I will wait for Samsung Galaxy S II to come down; then I will buy it.

    My TU had 3500mah battery; so I can use all day long on the internet; not like stupid evo design, so slow and could not do hotspot without rooting.

  2. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    What was wrong with the design of the phone?

    About the hotspot, can your Transform do hotspot without rooting?
  3. tuanngnt

    tuanngnt Active Member

    I forget to mention...the evo design call quality suck....Now I agreed with alot of folks complaining about the call quality on HTC phone.
  4. SuspendedFate

    SuspendedFate Active Member

    The Samsung Transform Ultra is a 3G phone, not 4G, so if it has a better download speed than the 4G on the HTC EVO Design, then you're more than likely in a bad area for 4G. The SGS2 will probably have quite a similar 4G experience. Turning off the 4G in such an area would probably help quite a bit.

    Secondly, your attack on the Design's battery live versus your 3,500 mAh battery (after market, the Ultra originally comes with a 1,500 mAh battery) is absurd. Of course a 3,500 mAh after market battery will last longer than a 1,520 mAh stock battery, especially with a smaller screen among other factors.

    Oh, and also, unlike your "darling TU," the Design can and does support creating hot-spots without rooting.

    If all you're going to do is bash a phone, or anything, don't even bother posting, it is in no way helpful to anyone.

    P.S.: While I live in New Orleans where Sprint doesn't support 4G, the 4G I had while I visited my brothers worked quite beautifully.
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  5. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Yes bashing a phone is no help but I've used both of these phone and both have pros and cons. But I have to say a rooted tu is the better choice for most hard core users. But the evo is great for some who needs a good phone without root. I've tested both with benchmarks the rooted tu has a lot higher score when you use custom roms like megatron. For battery life tu can still beat it with stock battery with slight tweaks. I usually could get with juice defender ultimate, 2 days with good use. With the evo I'd get 4 to 5 hours maybe 6 if I didn't use my email a lot. And that's with the tu cranked up to 1.7ghz. It basically come to this depending where you live, what you use it for depends which phone works best for you. I live in New Hampshire where towers are spread out, mountains block signals. Also depends if you have access to power on a regular basis. I'm always out in the woods and don't usually don't have charging abilities. So battery longevity is key. But tu isn't get newer operating system so some apps don't work on tu. I have no 4G coverage to speak of so 4G is useless to me. I bearly have service where I live 1 to 2 bars max till I leave my town and get to a larger town 15 miles away. We really only have 3 larger city but there still way smaller than most.

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