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  1. cwk

    cwk Active Member

    I got my new HTC Eris and took it on a trip to Seattle. Now I have all these swell pictures noted as "Footprints" but I don't see a way to get them out of the phone. It's great having the picture and the geo data, but how do I get them out of the phone? The Menu key yields an "Export" option but that just saves it to the SD card. Do I then have to remove the card to read it? And please don't tell me that the pictures are the low resolution postage stamp I see on the Eris screen!

  2. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    ts the same way as getting any other picture off your phone. its on your SD card, mount the sd and pull it off
    adb ull works too
  3. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    +1. also if you have a memory card reader on your computer, you can just pop it out of your phone and put it in your computer and transfer that way.

    also, if you haven't already, get a file explorer app for your eris, Astro is a good one but there are others that work as well.
  4. Jolest

    Jolest Member

    If you haven't already done so, go to the HTC web site and get the USB driver for the Eris. With it installed, when you connect a USB cable from your computer to your phone, you then will see a new "USB" notification on the phone. Select it and you'll see an option to mount the SD card in the phone as a USB disk on your computer. Select that and a few seconds later, the SD card will appear as a USB drive on your computer.

    This way you can use the phone as a card reader. You won't have to take the card out of the phone and you won't need to deal with a separate flash-card reader...

    Good luck.
  5. Jolest

    Jolest Member

    Kinda skipped over a few steps there didn't ya...? :rolleyes:
    I know you're trying to be helpful, but cwk is obviously a newcomer. (Remember what that was like?) It helps if you try to bring them up to speed before throwing them in the deep end of the jargon pool.
  6. cwk

    cwk Active Member

    One of the selling points of a smart phone is its way cool 5 megapixel camera. So I go on a trip with my wife and take dozens of pictures using the Footprints application and its way cool geo-tagging feature only to discover that the pictures it renders are 2x2 thumbnails. Guess it saves lots of storage that way. Of course, I can't recognize my own wife in the picture and there's no way any of them are worth printing. If anyone knows where Footprints stores a decent resolution picture, I'd appreciate hearing about it. This is like the 20th Century experience of getting a black roll of film back from the drug store. I'm looking in /.footprints/thumbnails. If I'm looking in the wrong place, please let me know where I should look.


  7. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    no i didnt. i use linux and no drivers are needed, i wasnt awasre that they were for other OS's
  8. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

  9. jabq

    jabq Member

    I've looked through dcim and i dont see any regular photos.
  10. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    In the six months I've had my Eris this is the first time I have heard of someone using Footprints.
  11. M@B

    M@B New Member

    Hi, I was looking how to do this today - you are correct in saying that the images are not as large as the camera allows in camera-mode.

    Let's keep this simple:
    1) You need a zip program (7-Zip - this is free and I recommend). Download and install this first
    2) Plug in your phone (or card) and browse to <memory card>\Footprints_Data
    3) Copy the contents of this folder to (My computer) C:\footprints
    4) In C:\footprints - right click one of the files and select 7-zip > Extract to "Footprints filename" (this will be whatever the file is called).
    5) This will create a new folder - open the new folder and you should see your images!

    Hope this helps.

    Note I am using HTC Desire - the folder path for Footprints data may be different on other devices but should still be called Footprints_Data.
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  12. harttach

    harttach Guest

    [FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]Help! Any idea about how to transfer all address list from your HTC Droid Eris to other htc like htc desire ?[/FONT]
  13. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    I use it all the time.

    If you are referring to the content in footprints then you should only have to copy the .footprints folder from your Eris' Micro Sd card over to the Micro Sd card in the Desire.

    If you are talking about the Addresses in your contact list they should all be in you google contacts list in gmail. If you use the same email address to sign in to the new phone then everything should transfer over when the new phone syncs with google.
  14. KNDK

    KNDK New Member

    I recently found out that I could only see a few of teh footprints I had taken over the last 18 months, however when i checked the sd card, all footprints are there and in .footprint folder - I can't figure out how to get to the "lost" footprints ... anybody had a similar experience?
  15. betsymil

    betsymil New Member

    Is there any way to move the HTC Footprints app (NOT just the photos, I have those) to my new Samsung Galaxy Proclaim phone? I have the HTC Droid phone but it has no connection except through my computer. If it is not possible, is there any app out there like Footprints that will take a picture and record/display the GPS location? If the file is in .kml format, I can take those photos to Google earth for other mapping options.

    I record cemeteries for genealogical puposes and didn't realize the new phone wouldn't have that app.

  16. judylee13

    judylee13 New Member

    Hi, could u share w/me if u ever received an answer on how to transfer the HTC app "footprints" to your new phone? Or, have you found a comparable app that does the same thing as footprints? I'm desperate to get the footprints program back. Thanks for any help u can provide. Best regards, Lee

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