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  1. dwelch1

    dwelch1 New Member

    We upgraded our phones to the HTC Hero last weekend. I am still learning alot about it and found this site. I can receive e-mails but I cannot send any, I get an "Unable to send e-mail" notice at the top of the screen. I got online and chatted with a Sprint rep for an hour, I tried everything he suggested but it still doesnt work, neither my home oe gmail will send out? any suggestions??
    Thanks, this is agreat site, some day I might be as smart as my smart phone....probably not according to my kids!! Thanks again for any suggestions and help

    Oh yeah, we now have three of the Hero's from the upgrade last week and all three will not send e-mails

  2. Brinkley1988

    Brinkley1988 Well-Known Member

    Have you set the POP3 Server info.?

    In order to send mail, you have to set the POP Server, and for receiving, you have to set the SMTP or IMAP Server.
  3. dwelch1

    dwelch1 New Member

    yes, I did that, I can receive my home email and my gmail acct, I just cant send from either one, The Sprint rep had me reprogram my meid and mdn, wait an hour, cycle power and it still doesnt send out e-mails?
  4. dwelch1

    dwelch1 New Member

    Update: I now have the Gmail working, now just my home email doesnt send out, I checked the settings on my laptop with my phone, just dont see whats wrong?
  5. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    Normally an easy thing to correct. It has to do with your SMTP settings probably. Make sure the server name is correct. One of the accounts I use is and I was having a heck of a time - received mail, but could not send. Kept looking and never saw the error. Well, I sat down and looked really close and was immediately attacked by the error, thank goodness I did not require hospitalization. The error: I had entered instead of Made the correction and did not look back.
  6. dwelch1

    dwelch1 New Member

    I have my server port numbers the same as my laptop, (incoming and outgoing) but my incoming mail is a pop3 server and out going is smpt, but on my laptop both have the same info on incoming and outgoing mail, I have even changed outgoing mail to, it did not make a difference. We upgraded to three new phones last weekend, we have the same issue on all three phones? thanks for the suggestions, I have tried everything I can think of so far??

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