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    Aug 5, 2009
    Hey Everyone!

    Anyway just recently got my best skins ever. If you don't know its a clear skin that goes over your phone to protect it from scratches. Anyway here is my review on it :

    Note 1
    : Click on images for full size

    Installation Tips

    Installation on this skin, like all skins, is fairly hard. Here are some great tips that really helped me move the proccess along.

    1) Using an exacto-knife (or even better a model knife), cut the top piece near the earphone and the bezel piece into two. I guarantee you this will help GREATLY!

    2) Do the same on the face buttons, and the bottom bezel. Here is an illustration :


    3) Palm technique: This is a well-know technique among people who use skins often. On skins, corners often don't stick down. So what do you is wait a couple of minutes, usually 5, then using the palm of your hand press down on the corner and hold it for 30 seconds. The corner usually goes down, if not wait a bit more for the solution to dry then try it again. It is extremely useful for area's that just won't stick down.

    4)Another thing that helped me, was get a deck of cards and tape them together. Put your phone on the top and apply the skin then. This helps to make sure your skin doesn't skin to the table.

    5) The last thing is never, ever apply your skin over a paper towel, since the dust from it can stick to your skin. And make sure no dust gets under the protector because it is a huge pain to perfectionists like me.


    The back and sides are the easiest to do. The back went on in under 15 minutes, the only thing you need to do is make sure you do the palm technique (Tip 4) and the corners easily go down. What I did is I applied the back and waited for 5 minutes for the solution to dry up a bit, then put the corners down.

    For the front, do the screen first. It will help you determine the lines where the top and bottom piece should go. Make sure the screen is on centre, because mine floated off and made an area where dust builds up, and it really ticks me off.

    Make sure that everything is 100% on its right place. This skin is cut exactly for the phone, and a shift in a couple of mm can result in major problems (I learned the hard way).

    Here is a picture of some lint and dust that gathered in the gap between the screen shield and chin shield pieces (Because I mis-aligned the screen protector):


    Overall, the skins feel amazing. The screen part, has a slight orange field affect, but after some use it feels amazing to the touch. Your fingers slide around well. Many people complain about the orange people, the BSE has it ever so slightly. The truth is, at first it feels kind of sticky. After a bit of time and use, it smooths out. And also, the skin feels amazing, makes the screen much more tactile and feel great. It also prevents fingerprints a lot. I have been using it for a week and didn't have to wipe the phone, not once. And it doesn't distort the screen or anything.

    I have a feeling they used a slightly less orange peel screen shield, because the back is more grippy. This is great, since I found the original plastic phone back very slippery, especially in hot weather and sweaty hands.

    Here is the front :


    Here Is the Back:



    Many people want to know the coverage and how it compares to competitors. Well basically, the phone covers the entire front, excluding small spaces around the buttons.

    The sides are fully covered except a small area around the volume controls.


    They reach all the way around and meet at the top, and at the bottom where they leave an opening for the ExtUSB connector, and also a very exact cutout for the microphone :


    The back is where the most exposed. The camera hole opening is quite a bit bigger than the camera itself, but its not an issue at all.


    Also, the back has about a 3 mm gap between the side cover and back cover. I think while this is actually a good idea, because now there is no scare of accidentally overlapping the two pieces, and not being able to take off the back cover.

    Overall I highly recommend the BestSkinsEver. They are high quality, and have an incredibly low price. I just recommend taking advantage of the deal and get 3 skins at once and get free shipping, because it is very likely you will mess up the first time. And if you don't, then you will have back ups in case the skin gets damaged.

    Note 2 : To make the solution, I used a quarter of a spoon of orange Dawn dish soap, mixed with 300ml of water.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    Aug 16, 2009
    thanks for the review!
    im waiting for mine in the mail!

    i personally like the feel better than without it and plus the smudges dont show up
  3. UnderWhat?

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Bump for pics and completion of review

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