HTC Sensation how to make extra phonebook

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  1. donwb

    donwb New Member

    The HTC Sensation's phonebook appears to have just one directory.

    Whilst it has a "Groups" facility, it is does not seem possible to create multiple directories.

    MS Office Outlook for example can have unlimited "Contacts" folders eg, People, Companies etc.

    But the HTC Phonebook will just sync these into one single mixed directory.

    If this is a limitation of the HTC OS, is there an app that will allow this?


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I am not sure what you are trying to do that Groups does not do. If you wanted to look at lists containing specific groups only, you can just go to the Groups tab and select a particular group, then you can see its members.
  3. donwb

    donwb New Member

    Thanks chanchan05 for the reply.

    I can import/sync any one of the Directories I have in Outlook/Contacts on my PC to the HTC phone, and they go into "Phonebook" as it doesn’t seem possible to import/sync them directly into a Group.

    At this stage all Groups are empty.

    I can then bulk copy (but not move) all of these contacts to a Group (lets say Group A).
    The Contacts in Phonebook remain the same.

    Now at this point, if I import/sync another Directory from Outlook with a view to putting its Contacts into another Group (say Group B) the imported/synced Contacts go into the existing Phonebook Directory where they are mixed alphabetically with those already there.

    So to create Group B I would have to transfer them one by one.

    If I delete all the Contacts in the Phonebook Directory, (to clear it ready to sync another Outlook Contacts Directory,) then the Contacts in Group are deleted too.

    What is needed is a Phonebook that offers more than one Directory (customisable)
    Hence my wondering if there is a suitable App, though I haven’t found one.

    I hope this clarifies my question.

  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    A I see the problem. Android does not recognize the tagging of companies and stuff used on Outlook. Not sure if I could help you, since while I do use Outlook, I use Gmail to manage my contacts (syncs to Outlook) so all groups are reflected easily and syncs to my phone.
  5. donwb

    donwb New Member

    Thanks ChanChan05
    That's the conclusion I came to too


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