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htc vivid. no sounds?Tips

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  1. burntwaffle69

    burntwaffle69 New Member

    My htc vivid will play songs from the music player but will not play songs from Pandora, and will not play the preview of ringtones as well as lock and unlock sounds and keyboard sounds. What do I need to do to fix this.


  2. burntwaffle69

    burntwaffle69 New Member

    Fixed the problem. If anyone else has an issue with this, I fixed it by going to settings > power and disabling fast boot.

    best of luck
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  3. ashxd0ll

    ashxd0ll New Member

    I did this but it still isn't working ): ..are there any other solutions?
  4. bruce73

    bruce73 Well-Known Member

    Did you reboot afterwards?
  5. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    You might try pulling the battery and then reinstalling. This will cause a hard reboot and often clears such nagging problems. Best of luck to you.
  6. TigerRussell

    TigerRussell Guest

    I had a problem with media starting and stopping, and no sound from youtube, although I had sound from ringtones, so I knew the physical speaker worked. After some research, I did a factory reset. No luck. I uninstalled all apps. No luck. So I did a 5 minute battery pull. No luck. Finally, I did an overnight battery pull = remove battery for 8 hours. Woke up, and assembled the battery to phone. My homescreen had 2 old icons that were right on right before I deleted the apps the night before. Maybe there is a buffer stack overflow in the droid deletion routine? (question for the devs). And so to continue, I started up my tunein radio and the sound and program work perfectly! Long story short, just try taking the battery out for 8 hours to fix your phone! ;-)

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