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  1. SoulDroid1

    SoulDroid1 Well-Known Member

    So, I was digging through all the various apps and came across Watch. Apparently this is HTC's video player and store all-in-one.

    Well, to my surprise, there was actually a video there. It showed The Green Hornet. I figured HTC was just trying to sell me a movie I didn't want, then I noticed a couple of things. First, it says this in bold letters:

    Second, in the lower right, it says "Preloaded Movie". Since it defaults to the "Downladed" tab on the bottom, it seems to be there. I then tapped the "Library" button in the top right and it is indeed listed as a downloaded movie. It also give a file size of 1811 MB. If you tap the menu button, it does give the option to "Delete Downloads", so there's that.

    I dug around the SD card and didn't see it there. Since I'm not rooted yet, I was wondering if this is what's taking up a good chunk of space in the internal memory?

  2. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Well-Known Member

    I don't have it on mine so idk what happened. Maybe it is left over from yours being flashed from sprint?
  3. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Had three trailers and I deleted all of them. Rooted Stock here.
  4. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    I also have the movie. Just you and me I guess lol. When the evo 3d was released it came with the green hornet 3d for free. Now though, if you try to watch it, you get an error that the promotion is over :(
  5. Hollaback12786

    Hollaback12786 Well-Known Member

    I noticed yesterday that it was there but couldn't watch it, I was in es file explorer and saw it in the .data folder on my sdcard, went to watch it and got some stupid DRM error :-(
  6. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    We can try asking for a free copy or a coupon of some sort. If they aren't so generous then at least you can delete it.
  7. SoulDroid1

    SoulDroid1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was gonna come back and say the same thing. Just got to work and all....

    Anyway, I got the promotion has ended thing as well, so I just deleted it. Like Hollaback12786 said, it was on the SD Card. I guess I just overlooked it before. I did check the amount of storage space before and after deletion and the free space was gained on the card.

    Just as well, though. The 3D stuff kinda gives me a headache! :p
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  8. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    I suppose I'll also delete it. I wonder why some people didn't get the movie though.
  9. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    WHOA! Just deleted the Green Hornet and my available space jumped from like 5 gigs avail to 7.2!!:cool:
  10. SoulDroid1

    SoulDroid1 Well-Known Member

    LOL! That bugger was just over 1.8 GB in size! I thought I'd put put my actual gained space, which was the same as yours, in my other other post. Sorry bout that... nice surprise, though, huh? :D
  11. andymedders

    andymedders New Member

    Hey guys, movies are on sale using the HTC Watch app.

    More info at: htcsourcedotcom/2012/12/movies-go-on-sale-through-htc-watch-for-66-cents/

    replace the "dot" with a dot!:D

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