huawei m835 freezes in welcome screen of cm6General

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  1. shain00

    shain00 Well-Known Member

    hi yes im a noob who rooted her phone successfully, it is a huawei m835 not ascend.

    i used the cm6 mod for it well it worked but it freezes on the welcome screen of the m860 then keeps rebooting, so im trying to just get my phone back the way it was, before i changed it to cm6 mod i back up eeevvvveerrryyytthhhiiinnnggg

    so if anyone can help that be great :)

  2. nu2moding

    nu2moding Well-Known Member

    1st, u wipe everything b4 flashing?
    if not wipe everything then flash cm6
    if u wiped everything, b4 u flashed, wipe just delvic n cache then reboot.
  3. shain00

    shain00 Well-Known Member

    yay thanks for the info i finally found out how to enter the boot part of it and just restored it back, thanks to rom manager, i don't think cm6 will work for me so hopefully cm7 will

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