HULU remote control?

  1. libai8268

    libai8268 Well-Known Member

    Is there any remote control app that will work on hulu desktop?
    I have "mycontrol" which works on windows media center, however, it's not 100% compatible with hulu desktop. It hardly can navigate up and down but works fine with right and left buttons. If there's any remote control works perfectly with hulu, that would be just awesome since there are way more videos on hulu than my windows media center LOL

  2. cpiman

    cpiman Member

    I use MyRemote and it works great for mouse control on my HTPC. Try it out you will like it.:cool:
  3. libai8268

    libai8268 Well-Known Member

    I know the mouse control works just fine, but if that's the only function I am looking for, I would just move my wireless mouse with me which would be faster in this case........I just love the arrow keys XDDDD still thanks for the advice

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