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  1. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    There used to be a fairly popular PalmOS4 (and earlier) hack known as Megawiki. This allowed the insert of hyperlinks between any record on the Palm OS and any other record on almost any application. Here is a description:
    Mega Wiki
    After looking for a similar app in the Android Market without finding one, it looks like an opportunity to bring a new app concept to the Android (and one I found very useful).
    For example, I was able to link a doctor's addressbook listing to each of the appointments in the calendar, and the medicines prescribed & test results in my notes application. I also used it to link events to other people, merchandise purchase info to warranty and service contacts, gift shopping lists to people, todo items to the people to notify, delegated tasks to the delegatees, and other cross-application references.
    I don't think I'm the only person who would find this interesting.

  2. xDroidApps

    xDroidApps Member

    What was the interface like? When you open the app what do you want to display so that you can access the connections you need to view or edit without the app looking too cluttered?

    i am not sure if i can make it, i am still new to programming apps, but i want to play around with it. is there any demos of Megawiki so i can get a better idea about what you are talking about?
  3. alanbcohen

    alanbcohen Well-Known Member

    The individual apps were unchanged. Megawiki patched into the OS viaa what was known as the Hack Master. The links you defined in your record where basically, the special characters before and after the link. For example, the link to Dr.Smith's addressbook entry from somewhere else was basically <Dr.Smith>. The actual link begin & end characters were user-defined in the MegaWiki config program. A link to a date like a birthday or anniversary might be {12/25/2011}.. I still have all my MegaWiki files, including the executables, manuals, etc. The whole registered set of files fits into aa 408k zip.
  4. xDroidApps

    xDroidApps Member

    hmmm..... i might be able to make an app that can update several different programs using one interface and save that template so you can edit it, but i don't think i could do something like MegaWiki sorry...... Maybe once i get a little better at programming i will figure out how to.

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