I love Android, but I need a searchable calendar with 5+ yrs history.Support

  1. Petdefence

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    I just got a MyTouch 4G. I am a 2+ yr user of Android phones. I have over 1400 contacts in my data file, and I carry a Palm Pilot with over 5 yrs of history that I need for my job.

    I need 4 things for my phone.
    1 - Searchable calendar import palm history for 5+ yrs of data currently on a Palm Pilot
    2 - Longer life battery
    3 - Charging Car mount or charging car dock
    4 - Ear buds with smaller speakers to fit my Normal sized ear holes. The OEM ones are monstrously huge.

  2. Steven58

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    I'll move this to another section where folks will help ya!

    Welcome! :)
  3. IOWA

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  4. Petdefence

    Petdefence New Member

    IOWA -

    Thanks, but Thunderbird looks like an e-mail program. In my list of 4 things that would complete my life, the one thing most pressing, and apparently most difficult to resolve is a "Searchable calendar where I can import 5+ yrs of calendar data currently on a Palm Pilot". Am I missing something in your reply?
  5. alehel

    alehel Member

    It combines e-mail with a calendar program I believe.

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