i need help or tips on my lg esteem batterySupport

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  1. alvin408

    alvin408 New Member

    okay well ihave a lg esteem, and well my battery life is horrible. i mean i know that the battery life on this phone is not so good, nut now my phone dies really quick. i have it on the gingersteem extreme ii rom . so yeah can soomebody help me out , or give me tips.:confused:

  2. dahopedealer

    dahopedealer Member

    hey, I used to have like 5h of battery life till I tried #2 Rom. now I have around 12-14 hours of heavy text, music & some web!
  3. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Lte and the display are the top battery consumers. The longer lte is on, the more horrible your battery life will be. That's a downside to metros "amazing" lte network. I suggest a battery saving app that cuts the radio off when the screen is off. No need in having it on if your not using the phone right? Try juice defender.

    Next. Keep your screen brightness to no more than 40%.

    If your using Facebook, get rid of that ram hogging disaster of an app and use friendcaster. 10x better than Facebook's html garbage.

    Live wallpapers and widgets are also going to consume battery. Ask yourself if you need them.

    Get on eBay and buy you a 1700 or 1800 mah battery. That's the biggest you can run while keeping the stock cover.

    And the biggest of all, switch to the #2 Rom.

    Hope this all helps.
  4. lablackdiabla

    lablackdiabla Well-Known Member

    if I turn off the radio I wont get notifications on games or email or anything like that right? 2 - Facebook app hoggs ram? I didnt know that. so I should do friendcaster?

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