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I'm Terry

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    from the state of Illinois in the US. I'm an unabashed Apple fanboy (old dude in reality :D ) and have had every version of the iPhone since it's intro in 2007. With that said it was time for a change for me personally. iPhone 4 is a great phone with ton's of polished apps for it but the UI is feeling outdated and I have been lusting for a larger screened phone. Took the plunge 2 weeks ago and bought the Samsung Infuse 4G. So far so good and I love the 4.5" screen. Had trouble rooting it (always jailbroke my iPhones) though. None of the One Clicks or Super One Clicks worked but thankfully I got the job done with Gingersnap. If Apple were to bump the screen size of the next iPhone to at least 4" I might jump back but my pleasant experience with Android and the Infuse display size will make that a difficult decision to make.

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