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Images not loading to full resolution (Browse All)

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  1. thegadgetdude

    thegadgetdude Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 26, 2010
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    I've noticed that on the photo's app when scrolling through pictures if you stop on a picture it doesn't load it to the highest possible resolution. However if you then pinch zoom in and give it a second to load, when you then zoom back out it's loaded the full res possible for the screen.

    I was trying it out using the default wallpapers for best comparison, I also installed the gallery app that is on the nexus and this doesn't seem to load the full res image even after zooming.

    Just seems a bit odd to have this high res display and it not automatically load the full res image when scrolling through. Not exactly a "deal breaker" kind of fault just something I've noticed. Any alternative image browsing apps? :)


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