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  1. Colmss

    Colmss Well-Known Member


    I just bought a Motorola Atrix and as it happens my old InEar phones (Creative EP 630) just broke. I like those ones but they break too quickly... it was already my second pair.
    Now I wondered two things:

    • Can I purchase any phones with mic and plug it into the 3.5mm slot and the phone will accept phones and mic?
    • Are there mic/phone combos with comparable sound quality two the EP630? If yes, which ones? If not do you have any other recommendations?

  2. explorer58

    explorer58 New Member

    Not so sure on quality, try looking around the well known brands, like Sennheiser and Shure, their quality is good, not sure if they make anything with a mic though.

    Anyway, yes when you have a pair of headphones with a mic, the 3.5 plug is standardized, so any set will work.
  3. Colmss

    Colmss Well-Known Member


    I've bought some headphones meanwhile, thanks. However, what you say about the mic is not true. The Atrix does only support special headphones with mic. iPhone ones don't work for instance!
  4. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    The Atrix DOES support any STANDARD headphones with the mic.

    APPLE does not use a standard pin placement on their headphones. So, the problem with the iPhone headset not working is that the iPhone headsets are NOT STANDARD. Just about anything with a rotten apple on it is going to be proprietary.

    As further proof that the Atrix uses STANDARD headsets, these are the ones I use and recommend: Premium Blackberry OEM Original 3.5mm Stereo Headset HDW-15766-005 for RIM BlackBerry 8900 Curve, Storm 9530, Pearl Flip 8220, 8300 Curve Cell Phone: Electronics

    They are the same ones that came with my old BlackBerry 9000 and I love them! The sound quality on calls is great, not to mention they are really crisp, clean and have a nice bass kick for music.

    About the only thing that is not standard on the Android phones are the multimedia headsets (The ones with volume, play/pause, next, back buttons). Those require extra pinouts in the jack, and none of the manufactures will agree on that. I wish they had. I had a set of the BB Multimedia ones (Same as the ones I linked to, but with media controls) and they would not work with any android phone I tried. :(

    EDIT - Clarification... the multimedia headset did work for calls (mic and sound) and for listening to music. It's just the multimedia CONTROLS that didn't work.
  5. Colmss

    Colmss Well-Known Member

    Okay. I read about headphones that don't work with the Atrix. Probably these were iPhone optimized.
    Now it's too late though ;)
  6. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    You can never have too many headsets! I have about 4!!!

    I've tried 2 BlackBerry branded, 1 Pair from a buddy's HTC, and different set's of Jabra wired headsets. All worked fine with the exception of media controls on that one set of BB ones.

    I still have: the one set of BB (Like I linked to) in my Laptop bag, one Jabra (Wired, mono, over ear) that I use in the car, the pair from my buddy's HTC somewhere (???), and A Jabra BT3030 (Bluetooth Dog Tag with media controls) that I LOVE!!!!!

    And, the pisser is... I can never find any of them when I NEED them!!!

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