Inotia 3 : Children Of Carnia Hack

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  1. vickyvca

    vickyvca New Member

    This game is totally awesome but getting harder after you reach level 60 ++

    For those who feel bored with this game i give you some hack for free :cool:

    This is what you need before start hacking

    1.Inotia 3 : Children of Carnia (Latest Version)
    2.Gamecih 2 (Latest Version)
    3.Fresh brain (Refresh your brain if needed)

    Level Hack
    -Open Inotia 3
    -Kill one monster and press pause and see your exp in status
    -Open Gamecih (with hotkey) and use Enter Value and enter your exp (1234/215151)
    -Kill another monser again and look at your exp (1252/215151)
    -Enter gamecih and use Enter Value and type your latest exp
    -You will find about 5 address kill monster to see which one is change and change the number into 999999999 and kill monster again and voila Lvl 110

    Fusion Hack
    -As usual run inotia 3 and gamecih 2
    -Now look at the recipe and see which one you can make at least 3 item (i use Life Potion)
    -After prepare the indigrent now go to Fushion Machine
    -Look at the bottom right on the Fushion screen
    -Look at the number appear such as 0/0 or something else,if you should have at least 4/4 to do this and set it into 1/4
    -Scan 4 with gamecih then do the fushion
    -It will show 1/3 and back to gamecih and scan 3
    -Do it again until its show you address with name mix something
    -Change it to 99 and lock it
    -Do the same to the the other first number in 4/4
    -Lock it and you can fushion anything you want without needed to collect the material

    Gold Hack
    -Scan your gold (the bronze one) make sure you have less then 1 silver
    -Go find a gold from monster and scan your gold again
    -Change it into 99999999

    Skill Point Hack
    -Almost the same just use the different between first value and last value

    Picture from my character


    Credit to Me and Gamecih

  2. Lowso

    Lowso New Member

    Ok I'm confused. I can get it to look like 0/99 or 99/0 but i cant manage to keep them at the same time. the only way i know to start a new scan is to click reset and that erases my old modification. So is there a button i dont know about to start a new scan without erasing the first ? thanks.
  3. vickyvca

    vickyvca New Member

    anyway try using name analyze search mix
    look at mix something and max something
    then lock it (click the lock button)
  4. raizo

    raizo New Member

    buenas tengo un problema descarge el juego inotia 3 version 1.2.5 y descarge el gamecih 2 version 2.2.3 y me dise error not root root users only cih<software magicuan >in taiwan y no me funciona y no se xke ​
  5. raizo

    raizo New Member

    se los agradeseria
  6. tromerix

    tromerix New Member

    Hi&#885; need help with Inotia 3 childrens of carnia if any on.
  7. muskeezz

    muskeezz New Member

    When i try to use the Gamecih 2 there's a message that pop up on my phone it say's
    "memory hack application detected"

    Is there any one can use the Gamecih 2 on Inotia 3 now?
  8. raj4mn

    raj4mn New Member

    i have already install gamecih 3 but after starting this program inotia 3 game is not starting it gives a massage to remove thar gamecih and then try again so ... what can i do now please reply...:confused:
  9. TheKalle

    TheKalle Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information, but hacks makes it only a lot easier for me. I like challenges :D Bookmarked, tho.

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