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  1. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    Every so often my Galaxy S refuses to connect to my home wifi. I know the password is correct because it does work the rest of the time. It also happens even right next to the router with excellent signal strength showing.

    I go to Wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings and click my network.
    It responds Connect to...
    I click on Connect.
    It goes away and thinks about it using the 'remembered' password.
    Eventually it somes back saying 'The network password you typed is not correct. Please try again.'

    But I know the password is right because it worked earlier and I haven't re-entered it in the meantime.

    As I type this it has finally connected after twenty of more repetitions of the above sequence. It didn't re-enter the password and there's currently 'good' signal strength. What I did do was put it on charge and enable the option for the screen not to sleep but there was plenty of time.

    I'm using WPA/WPA2 PSK with a Netgear WGR614v9.

    Anyone else have the same or any suggestions?

  2. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    do you connect any thing else through this wifi
  3. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    No. My desktop is cabled in and I enabled wireless on the router specifically for this new phone.

    In the meantime I saw this endless thread which, among other things, suggests setting the wifi channel number on the router so that it doesn't have to be negotiated. I haven't tried this yet but I guess I should try it, probably tomorrow now.

    I don't spend enough time with any other router to be able to tell whether it's likely to be the router or the phone.
  4. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    If that don't work has a family member or a friend got wifi you could connect to this will see if its a problem with the phone or the netgear router
  5. bind00

    bind00 Well-Known Member

    It's difficult though because it's intermitent. It might work fine all day and start playing up again the next. Thanks for your interest though. I suspect from the other thread it might be the router. I'll try the channel config thing tommorow when I'm more awake and can monitor its effect throughout the day. (I work at home.)

    Failing that I do have another router but I used to use it on ADSL and now I have cable. Not sure whether it would work.

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