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Internal memory?wtfSupport

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  1. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    I joined this forum a few weeks ago in the hopes of figuring out this %#$&!ing samsung galaxy fascinate 3g(aka vibrant)?i bought a 16gb memory card because my phone would not download new apps,saying "not enough space on internal memory".
    I thought this would give me more memory for new apps and downloads.of course it didnt.
    I deleted some unused apps on my phone and installed apps2sd from the advice given on this forum.didn't do shit.
    My question is this,how do I free up my internal memory.i'm so fed up with th is damn phone.someone must have a solution.

  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Internal memory can be used up by things other than apps. Do you send and receive lots of emails? All the emails both sent and received are stored internally. Try deleting old emails if you can. You could also try clearing your app caches. There are apps in the market to help our you can go into each app in Application manager and clear the caches.
  3. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    I have tried all the above mentioned with no success.i was able to transfer a couple of apps to the external microSD but it barely ma de a difference.
  4. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    Does anyone have a real solution for this?im seriously thinking about goin to the darkside,shitty iphone.
  5. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    No one?????
  6. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    Are you guys holdin out????
  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    No one's holding out, it's a common problem.

    Many apps continue to use the phone memory's data area even when moved to the sd card - that's the issue that you're likely facing.

    Your only bet that I can think of would be visit our root community forum, and see if there are root tweaks that you can so that a portion of that new sd card can be seen by Android the same as if your internal memory just got bigger.
  8. fitter527

    fitter527 Member

    Thanx,i will check that out.apparently I have 13gb still on the internalSD card,1.61gb on internal phone memory,and 14.91 on the externalSD card.i have all this free space on the SD cards which is totally useless until I figure this out.

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