Internal Storage to place JB files?

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  1. DroidAbuser

    DroidAbuser Well-Known Member

    All I am trying to download some zip files for the latest JB install to internal storage but when I connect the phone to the pc the only drive appears to be the Mass Storage / SD card drive? The files listed are:


    I assume this is the SD card and not the internal storage but I need to load the files from internal?

    Any assistance would be great...(oh and I did download the samsung driver for the phone).


  2. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    What I suggest doing is trying to use a different USB cable, this usually solves everything. If you have a PC, insert the USB cable to the back ports, this ensures true communication.

    Also, I use a MicroSD card adapter to the standard SD card, no cables and its easier to use. I recommend you use this too.
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