[International] Flashing red/green light. Infinite sadness.

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  1. MrKrieg

    MrKrieg New Member

    Running an HTC One in good condition. It's been unlocked and rooted-- I'm running Cyanogenmod 11.

    All has been well until recently, when it's seemed like the battery has been draining absurdly fast. Ordinarily I can get about 10% to an hour, even with moderate usage. As of today, it managed to drop from 90% to 0% with very minimal usage within four hours. The last I had used it, it was at 37%. An hour later, it had died in my pocket.

    On charging, it flashes a red/green light with no delay in between. Just red, green, red, green. The phone did seem warmer than usual in my pocket when I had pulled it out, but not alarmingly so. It heats up when charging, but again, not notably.

    I've searched around and the red/green light should indicate that charging has been halted for protection of the battery, yet the battery level continues to increase and the phone can be charged, if slowly.

    I have absolutely no idea what to do about this. :(

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    If your not running on a fresh install,you may have an app gone crazy sucking down the battery. I installed a vol rocker wake app on my gf's one s once,and her batter consumption trippled :eek:

    One thing you can do is install a "wakelock detector" from the market. It will show you what wakes your phone up and keeps it from entering a battery sipping sleep. It should help tremendously in pinpointing what is giving you trouble. Checking what's used the battery in settings/power should help as well.

    Aside from that,you can do a fresh install of your rom and add your apps back in small groups. That also will help you figure out if you have a bad app
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  3. MrKrieg

    MrKrieg New Member

    Installed Wakelock Detector, and let the phone run for a while. I've opened it up and most stuff seems fairly unremarkable. Wakelocked CPU x17 times, or whatever. Google Search however has wakelocked the CPU x977 times for a total of 14m and 4s, so that strikes me as a touch odd. Still 14 minutes doesn't seem like a huge amount of time for it to be locked. Minimalistic text has locked the CPU x2335 times, but only for a total of 4 seconds..

    Altogether having difficulty pinpointing anything out of the ordinary. Search and Min. Text both are waking the CPU a lot but not for very long. I'd hoped to see something firing the CPU for a half hour at a time. Any tips for what to look for here?

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