Internet Radio app that allows recording?

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  1. damang111

    damang111 Member

    just switched from Iphone 3g (used 2+ years) to Samsung Galaxy S w/ Android 2.1 .
    So far so good and I love the phone.
    I'm a bit disappointed with SOME of the apps.
    Mainly there dosn't seem to be an Internet Radio app that allows recording.
    On iOS ther was TuninRAdio, this was a perfect app which allowed recording. I have discovered all kinds of new music this way.
    TuninRadio for Android is nerfed , no recording feature. I've tried a few and many radio apps don't have a record feature.

    anyone know of a good internet radio app that allows recording?


  2. enaybee

    enaybee New Member

    I have used "A Rouge Radio Recorder" and it does record internet radio ... you can search radio stations by keywords or use the included extensive radio genre library ...
    Search "radio recorder" in android market and this is the first app that shows up ...
  3. muab

    muab Well-Known Member

    I had never heard of this before. I just took a look at it and it says it is only good up to Android 2.1... Have you tried it on 2.2 to see if it works at all?

    Sounds promising.

  4. Bloesum

    Bloesum Member

    Try Radio RIP. It works for me!
  5. gordon25

    gordon25 New Member

    Yeah well, if nothing else works, you can just use Radiotracker to record internet radios on pc and then just transfer the music to the samsung u have.
    Might be a pretty useful solution as well.
  6. OneMeatball

    OneMeatball New Member

    A Rouge Radio, Broov Adore and Radio Rip all record internet streaming radio. But only Radio Rip has a timer/scheduler that turns your Droid into a Radio Tivo letting you automatically record four different pre-scheduled simultaneous streams at once.

    Radio Rip has been updated several times in recent weeks and it works with Froyo.
  7. menata

    menata New Member

    I have just tried V Radio Recorder. Can record radio stream, schedule the records and even pause the direct and resume playing. Works well with me
  8. statichiss

    statichiss New Member

    I've recently released my first app that does this just this. I previously tried some of the alternatives, but wasn't happy for one reason or another, so decided to write my own - Recordio.

    It doesn't have a list of stations that is supports, but should support all stations that use m3u or pls files (or direct stream URLs). Key for me was supporting scheduled recording, which I'm happy to say works very well.

    Any feedback would be very welcome!
  9. julietmoss2011

    julietmoss2011 New Member

    Before I give my answer, I should let you know that this method I'm about to show you is working on computer. Streaming music recorder and audacity is good internet radio program to record radio.[​IMG]
  10. zatman616

    zatman616 Member

  11. dibbk

    dibbk New Member

    you may try the app for playing radio and recording for future .
  12. xcnmhq

    xcnmhq Member

    anyone know of a good internet radio app that allows recording?[​IMG]
  13. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    TuneIn radio Pro
  14. OKara

    OKara Member

    I'm a long time user and love this app!
  15. Alan06

    Alan06 New Member

  16. ksatta

    ksatta New Member

    I also started developing my own app over a year ago because I didn't find anything suitable for my needs at the time. Looks like I'm not the only one :)

    - Add your favorite stations. (Enter URL or from database)
    - Set a time you want to record them (daily at x, or select weekdays etc)
    - Listen to them offline whenever / wherever you want
    - "Eyes-free" operation to use in car. For example use vol. keys to change channel.
    - etc etc
  17. Ride2Live

    Ride2Live Member

    Hi, everybody!
    I wrote an app. Its non-commercial, without banners.
    Recording radio even in background: StreamGetter Pro Beta.
    It cuts stream on tracks and save it on SD card in mp3.
    P.S. (Sorry for my English)
  18. glxi

    glxi New Member

    Hi, I want a app that has the ability to record fm radio.not internet radio
    If you can give me an answer early,pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
    I am in a hurry
  19. vja4Him

    vja4Him Well-Known Member

    I have been experimenting with >>> Smart Voice Recorder and >>> HiFi Corder Audio Record Edit .....

    I need to be able to record any audio shows on the Internet, not just from a particular Radio Station. I'm especially interested in recording shows from Capital Public Radio, NPR, PRI, Voice of America, BBC, and more ....

    What are you using to record Audio from the Internet?

    My Android device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, running JellyBean 4.3.
  20. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    Have you tried TuneIn Radio? I don't know if it'll get those particular stations, but it does record what it gets.
  21. cvic2

    cvic2 Member

    If you're ever by your computer you can always just record the song(s) just like a studio produced file. That's if you have the right adapter but they're easy to find. definitely would be a good place to look if you go that route. You'll probably find one for like 3-5 bucks
  22. Alexcoder Pep

    Alexcoder Pep New Member

  23. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Note this thread was started in 2010 when it was a question worth asking. Now in 2015 there are plenty of ways to do so.
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