iPhone 4s or samsung galaxy note?Tips

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  1. MacRulez4Ever

    MacRulez4Ever Member

    What phone got the best test results
    In tests?

    Which phone is best ?

  2. Fred G. Vader

    Fred G. Vader Well-Known Member

    To sum it up quickly both of these phones have gotten very good benchmark results (which can be found by googling). As far as specifications and performance, both phones are stellar. Which phone to purchase is something that can only be determined by your personal preferences on what you are looking for in your next smartphone. If you're looking for a larger yet still pocketable (and highly customizable) device then go with the Note.

    If you're looking for a smaller more compact device (non-customizable) then go with the iPhone. Bottom line - take a close look at how you use your smartphone in your day to day life and decide which would work better for you. Don't worry about the specs because outside of the display size they are pretty comparable.
  3. PhilMcGraw

    PhilMcGraw Well-Known Member

    If you are just looking at the two phones based on benchmarks, then you will lose all the time. I seriously can't stand people who think that they need to have the phone that gives the best benchmark scores. First of all, they aren't always accurate (as we have seen with the Snapdragon dual-core processors scoring higher than Exynos at times in Quadrant). Secondly, we have seen that you can have a Tegra 2 processor or an Exynos processor and experience relatively the same real world performance (unless you are that picky that you notice the occasional lag which could be the OS or the manufacturers OS overlay).

    Finally, back to the real question, which phone should you get...it depends if you like a big screen phone that you can take notes on or a small phone that all the "hipsters" have.
  4. bucsfan

    bucsfan Well-Known Member

    Is this some kind of joke.....then I will play along yea you should go buy the 4s its so small and cute plus it would fit in your skin tight jeans lol
  5. MacRulez4Ever

    MacRulez4Ever Member

    Ok the jb is out for ip4s any day. I Will custumize it and se how its runs and then i Will buy the galaxy note maby today. Do the same thing with that. And get some personal statics

    Tnx for your help ;)
  6. faberzinho

    faberzinho Active Member

    i know it's an old thread, but i need to speak up!!!
    just dumped my iphone 4 and got the note, this is the best phone ever, i had a few android devices before and always ended saying "i will never get this crap again" now i'm super happy with my note!
  7. dyc

    dyc New Member

    Taking the opportunity to speak out.

    Moved from ip4 to first android in note. 5.3" much better than 3.5" screen. Did Samsung purposely choose the inversion in size? android's file system and access from desktop much easier and better.

    Don't want to see ios die though. Hopefully apple will bring out ip5 with 5+ inch screen. Hopefully apple stops the slow and minimal incremental upgrade they have been doing. Otherwise android will kill apple like how palm died.
  8. touringhaggis

    touringhaggis Well-Known Member

    I think you are going to have to wait a long time to see an Apple phone with a larger screen. You will also not see iOS being killed by Android. Reason: the two OSs are really targeted at different audiences. The iPhone is for people who like style (or marketing) over function. I call it a me2phone because it is for the people who don't want a smartphone but must have what their friends have. They are the people who scoff at the large screen on the Note. Apple understands this and therefore will not annoy their core users with a "huge" phone. After all 3.whatever inches is just fine for updating Facebook. Also, can you imagine how heavy a 5+ inch phone with aluminium body and two glass panels would be?

    Yes, I know there are some power iPhone users (so don't shout at me). These are the users that you see in this forum being attracted by Android, but they are, by far, the minority.

    I need the features that I get in my Note that simply do not exist on the iPhone (jailbroken or not) so I am willing to put up with the learning curve, occasional laggyness and reboots. I also want a unique phone which with the Note I have. I have few friends with one which makes me feel less like a clone.

    Oh, I also used to have a Palm device. They died because they were hard to use, had few applications and, to be blunt, simply did not work well. So, they did not appeal to any market.

    Just my opinion... Feel free to ignore me :)

    Eric Ritchie.
  9. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    This is like comparing a Mini Cooper to a tour bus.
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  10. colmmcgrath

    colmmcgrath Well-Known Member

    Though both phones are extremely good i choose the Samsung note. It's got large screen, high resolution and good processing speed than the iPhone.
  11. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    Apple IS successful precisely because they have minimal versions - ie iphone or ipad or ipod. All accessory manufacturers flock to apple precisely because of the ubiquitous fit for the 10's of millions of exact same products on the market with their docking stations, cases, etc. Unfortunately the marketing engine of Apple is streets ahead of the competition. In the stores round our way you just buy perhaps 1/50 of the accessories for android devices than apple.

    This is a deciding factor also.

    Im a happy note user, and the above frustrates me enormously.

    Even the marketing is wrong sometimes. I bought a bluetooth logitech keyboard yesterday for my note, despite it being labelled "FOR IPAD". I shied away until the store rep proved it could hook up with my note just fine! And the keys also match up 99%

    Amazing how vendors will even cripple their own sales by not marking Android compatibility in favour of the God of Apple
  12. mandr01d

    mandr01d Member

    lol should i go for the fat one , shes a really nice person, or should i go for her hot sexy mate , a bit of a bitch but dammmmm, i dunno what do you think?:D
  13. aprilm30

    aprilm30 Member

    from someone that has had both .. GALAXY NOTE all the way!!
  14. 8nobody8

    8nobody8 Member

    Galaxy note! Just moved off iPhone 4s and LOVE my note....but at the end of the day it's personal choice and whatever suits your requirements....
  15. Eggless

    Eggless Member

    I've had both, and I'm sticking with the note...unlit the note 2 comes out that is!
    The iPhone is refined but so boring after a while, and they don't change even with a new model!!
  16. Pephay

    Pephay Member

    I have the note - and i love it. Its a bit awkward sometimes when people see it and they have no brain to mouth barrier and I hear "Holy sh*t look at that thing...its friggen huge".......lol

    but honestly I love the idea of buying a phone that I can customize to ME. rather then pay the same amount and having the same old boring functionality.

    Apple - Simplified and User Friendly
    Androind - Customized for YOU...(If you take the time to learn :)

    If your looking for Iphone advocates - I'd recommend going to a Iphone forum....cause I guarantee you that the Note will win around this neck of the wood ;)
  17. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Well-Known Member

    More like comparing a chevette to a leer jet!

    I have owned the apple products, never again. the galaxy S series and note BLOWS THE APPLE PRODUCTS AWAY!

    I am getting a new note tablet soon as well!

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