Is rooting "Phone Specific"?

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  1. Puquer

    Puquer Member

    What I mean is, I rooted my liquid e, and decided to change the rom. My excitement totally died when I saw that custom ROMs are phone-specific, and that someone has to make a ROM specifically for the liquid e. Is there something I am missing, or is it just luck if you get a phone that you can actually change the ROMs for?

    Is there a specific phone that is better chances of A) Getting official updates (acer just makes a new phone every time) and B) Mods like Cyanogen, etc being available for it.

  2. cole567

    cole567 New Member

    I strongly suggest the galaxy s2 a freind of mine has it and its amazing. I am having trouble rooting my samsung galaxy s any tips?
  3. Puquer

    Puquer Member

    I used Z4Root for the Acer. I don't think I'll be picking up an acer anymore, they just make the fragmentation issue worse with all their devices. My next phone's a samsung.

    Original Post problem still bugs me

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