is there a notifications light app out there?

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  1. lectraplayer

    lectraplayer Well-Known Member

    My MyTouch has several lights i would like to control for status feedback and notifications. What drves me nutz, though, is while my trackball would light up when i got a message or something, this phone would do nothing after the initial notification. My last two phones had a light that would keep flashing until i checked the device. The ones i had before would continue to sound off. What can i use to have something light up every so many seconds until i checked the phone?

  2. lectraplayer

    lectraplayer Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what i'm asking?
  3. larz

    larz Member

    yea,i dont think its possible with the stock text messaging app with android, but i know Handcent SMS can do all that.
  4. lectraplayer

    lectraplayer Well-Known Member

    I'm playing with HandSent. Just figured out my stock messenger was doing what I was asking but everything else was using the same code. HandSent does better though I wish I could tell it to do it forever instead of for only 5 minutes max
  5. resident psyco

    resident psyco Well-Known Member

    you can try "blink" or "missed call" apps...they let you customize the leds

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