Is there a way to batch convert all 3d pics to 2d?Support

  1. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    Title says it. Thanks in advance for helpful responses.

  2. fogle7

    fogle7 Well-Known Member

    Go to the picture hit menu edit then save as 2d..
  3. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    That's be great for one picture, but as the title says I'm looking for a way to batch convert. Nearly every photo I've taken is in 3d and as I'm moving to an AOSP ROM I'd still like to be able to access those. I need a way to convert hundreds of pictures to 2d in one batch.
  4. Droidula

    Droidula Well-Known Member

    Download the MPO Toolbox. You should be able to do a batch convert with that.

    (Found it in this thread.)
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  5. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    Was really hoping for something that could be run from the phone, but this will do. Thanks for the help.

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