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  1. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    So, four times now my Active has made Emergency calls. What appears to be happening is I keep my phone in my pocket, with glass facing my leg, the HOME button is getting pressed, which activates the screen (WTF Samsung?! You NEED to let us turn THAT off!), then as the phone rubs against my leg (the screen is sensitive enough WITHOUT activating glove mode) and hitting the EMERGENCY CALL button. I've accidentally called 911 2x, and my mom and sister once each (they're emergency contacts).

    I'm going to try to keep the phone with the glass facing outwards, which just feels wrong, but at least my leg can't activate the EMERGENCY CALL button, even if screen turns on.

    Another is to find one of those flap-style cases. I've seen them for the S4, but not the Active, yet.

  2. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Not had that problem, but then I wear baggy type trousers........
  3. literacolax

    literacolax Well-Known Member

  4. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    I saw those, but was looking for the simplified version, where it's just a back replacement cover and a thin flap over the front. They were real popular when the Note came out and I've seen them for the S4, just not for the Active, yet.

    Same as this, but for the Active: Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Folio Case (Light Blue): Cell Phones & Accessories
  5. literacolax

    literacolax Well-Known Member

    Yeah my buddy has a note 2 and has the flap like that. Personally, I don't like them, but that's me.
  6. kfxguy

    kfxguy Member

    Mine kept making emergency calls when I had a password or pattern enabled. If I had just swipe enabled, the home button would hit my leg while walking (screen facing inward) turn the screen on, get swiped to open up and then all sorts of stuff happened. Solution? I rooted it and disabled the home button. Now I can only turn it on with the power button. Dumb design if you ask me.
  7. Outdoorsman5111

    Outdoorsman5111 New Member

    I have been doing the exact same thing. If you find a solution or a flip case please reply here. I am looking for the same style case. I have also pocket dialed people I was texting.
  8. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    I never got a case for mine. I'm just very careful when it's in my pocket. I have pulled it out a few times and it was on the emergency dial screen, but so far no new calls.
  9. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    Has a solution not been found for this yet? I just got the i537 and I called 911 twice today while I was at work, looked at my call log and realized that it called the 18th as well. Clearly the home button is being pressed against my leg, and I have the pattern lock screen equipped, but it's going to the emergency thing. So is there a way to turn off the home button or anything without rooting it yet?

    I've rooted previous phones and used custom ROM's and what not, I just don't want to get into all that again and just keep my phone stock. If anybody has any sort of solution that doesn't involve rooting, I'd really appreciate it.
  10. mikedeliso

    mikedeliso New Member

    So I've now been using this flip for the last few months and have never made a pocket emergency call since. (I had some days where it happened multiple times even with an alternate lockscreen). It replaces the back cover and is well made. Only downside is that it is not waterproof like the stock back cover

    Unfortunately I can't post links yet as an anti-spam measure, but look up product number 331041824119 on ebay and you should have some luck.
  11. seeppp

    seeppp New Member

    Mine was doing the same as well, I recently installed the xposed framework and through a module was able to turn it off

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