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General Jelly Bean Google Swype Keyboard (Updated)

  1. K Rize

    K Rize Well-Known Member

    I thought I would share this find with the community, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
    I removed stock and swype keyboards and replaced it with this

    Move LatinImeGoogle.apk to system/app and fix permissions
    Move libjni_latinimegoogle.so to system/lib and fix permissions
    Reboot & enjoy

    Replace LatinImeGoogle.apk with this https://www.dropbox.com/s/5o8u8fea8aq86rb/Keyboard.apk
    And fix permissions as followed rw--r--r--

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  2. Jleeblanch

    Jleeblanch Member

    Awesome find! Works perfect! Just swyped most of this message :)
  3. BrianFlanders

    BrianFlanders Member

    Can anyone upload this file again?
  4. DMedina559

    DMedina559 Well-Known Member

  5. BrianFlanders

    BrianFlanders Member

    I'd really like the original files of at all possible?

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