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  1. entdriod

    entdriod Member

    Hey Guys,

    My friend wanted the CM9 ICS bata build for his Photon and I told him I would look into it. Now, I watched QBKing77 video:

    How to unlock the Motorola Photon 4G bootloader - YouTube

    Now the video is pretty old, about 7 months old. Now the thread about unlocking bootloader from the xda developers seems all the necessary files and programs. This thread in question:

    [PUDDING] Photon/Electrify Pudding bootloader unlock [Updated: 12/10/2011] - xda-developers

    It didn't have all the updated files to use since its pretty old nor does it really have a detailed walkthrough other than QBKings video. I used the latest SBF file from this page:

    Photon Files

    I used the 198_7 build as the original PUDDING sbf from QBKing77 video has been taken from the original website.

    Did everything correctly for the androidsdk and when I entered the
    "moto-fastboot oem unlock"
    I got the message from cmd as "infooem unlock not implemented"

    Now there is also this file which nowhere in the original xda is even mentioned.

    derpunlock.sbf from this website:

    Would I flash this right after or before I flashed the 198_7 build of Sunfire? and if before would I have to restore it back to original stock bootloader than start the process all over again?

    Please I can not find any answer to this problem on the xda or their outdated thread.

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  2. kikloo

    kikloo Member


    I also tried to unlock and I also got the same INFOOEM error. How to fix it ? Were you able to do anything about it ?

    My phone was fine earlier but after doing the flashing thing

    1. Its asking me to activate the phone with Sprint (Where as I am in India)
    2. Its showing that i am in International Roaming and what not.

    How to fix all this ?

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  3. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    !!!LOOK HERE FIRST!!! Motorola Photon Compendium a.k.a. all things MoPho 06/11/12 on xda since December of last year

    !!!LOOK HERE FIRST!!! Motorola Photon Compendium a.k.a. all things MoPho 06/11/12 on Phandroid since April

    Skip Sprint activation link can be found on post 14 of the xda thread.

    Seems like nobody is even bothering to use the compendium or hitting that thanks button when the do use it and download files that I have spent the time putting together. I am seriously considering abandoning it as it does take time to dig through multiple sites/forums to keep the info and files up to date.
  4. kikloo

    kikloo Member


    Please don't get angry, without your tools, guides etc. I would have not fixed it. I understand now your frustration but sometimes when a noob like me does something bad then in desperation we just post here and there to get it resolved. But after checking further on qbking's video and reading a lot, it ultimately all worked out pretty fine.

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  5. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    My frustration not directed at you specifically and I thank you for your thanks. My frustration is more towards the community as a whole.

    More details behind my earlier post;

    Since it's was originally started back in Dec of last year I've had over 30K downloads of files that I have spent the time to track down or in the case of the root/unlock pack, keep up to date. If the guide/archive was the only thing that I have ever posted both here and on xda, I would average less than 1 in 30 downloaders hitting the thanks button. What the lack of a simple action like hitting the thanks button says to me is that the vast majority of downloaders could care less if everything disappeared tomorrow. If that did happen, there are files that are both publicly visible and hidden that can be found nowhere else without hours of searching threads in five different languages just to find one file. I have files going as far back some of the very first ROMs and hacks ever released for the Photon for those that occasionally request them. I even lost almost 10GB of files when my hard drive crashed a while back. Combine that with the "can't find it" posts even in the compendium thread itself you can see why I'm starting to feel like it's a very under appreciated effort.

    Again thank you to those that have spent the extra 2 seconds it takes to hit the thanks button. Also a big thanks to those that have donated and continue to donate to help offset the time and cost involved.
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  6. kikloo

    kikloo Member


    I understand that the amount of leechers is increasing everyday and they have no respect to the hardwork you guys have put in to make the things work for them out of the box.

    But thats the lazy human nature I guess, they come, they take, they feel conquered. Where as I feel when they are showing off their devices to their buddies etc. I feel that you guys are the real winner who is doing everything behind the scene and all the appreciation a noob is getting is really for you.

    Deep down the noob knows that it worked because guys like you did all the hard work, they're just ashamed to tell it. But eventually people find out, they're smart enough.

    In the end I will only say, all your hardwork will be lost if you take it down, people who appericiate your work will be disappointed, but leechers will find some other way to leech!

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  7. exitprogram

    exitprogram Well-Known Member

    I am taking the time to write this small note of appreciation to this guy for the simple fact that he is right about being, for the most part, under appreciated. But we all know that this comment and comments like it in the future will just be ignored so as a word of encouragement to lokifish.. please don't get too discouraged, we all appreciate what you do for us, even if they dont realize it, but not everybody takes time or remembers to give you credit and hit that button. Not only that but some people aren't familiar with forums enough to understand the impact that a couple thanks can have.

    Keep it up dude and thanks again.
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