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Just picked up the new phoneGeneral

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  1. maineultraclas

    maineultraclas Active Member

    I stopped by my local RS today on my way home from work to check and see if they had any info on the Stratosphere 2. To my surprise it was on display, free with upgrade. I asked if they had one available, she came out with the only one they received today. Activated it on my account, and off I went with an unreleased phone.
    Wife will be home shortly, so she'll be playing with it all night.

    Now to find a screen protector and case for it...........going to be slim pickings since the phone doesn't exist.


  2. balefire

    balefire Well-Known Member

    Same here. Got it at RS. They only had one in stock at each store. It was a good black friday deal. Thanks!
  3. maineultraclas

    maineultraclas Active Member

    Verizon has all the accessories in stock at their stores, but no phones until the original Strat is sold out.
    My wife grabbed a case and screen protectors Friday morning for it at our local Verizon.

    Radio Shack guy told me they had just received it shortly before I got there Wednesday, and that they had only got the one in. I'm glad I didn't wait until Friday to go for it, Wednesday afternoon was much easier and no crowds of people to deal with.


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