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  1. Soapy123

    Soapy123 Member

    I have the samsung vibrant. Using K-9 Mail. There is a check mark that we can apply in order to "show the Archive, Move, and Spam" buttons.

    I checked the box thinking that I could move my incoming mail into the correct box.

    I see that these boxes are grayed out and don't work.

    K-9 mail does not have a support site (at least I can't find one) to answer these questions.

    If anyone knows about any of the above I would appreciate any help.

  2. SeeSquared

    SeeSquared New Member

    Did you get an answer to the greyed-out boxes?
  3. Soapy123

    Soapy123 Member

    No, I haven't gotten any response to this.

    Are you having the same situation?

  4. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    I'd love to know the answer to this too. Interestingly it's been a long time in K-9 terms since a last beta update (that's 1 in 2 weeks when sometimes we've had two per day and I'd say usually an average of every three or four days between updates), so it could be they're working on "firing up" all of those things that are in place - spam button, limiting download size etc - ready for a big release. Hope so, those two functions I mentioned will be very welcome.

  5. SeeSquared

    SeeSquared New Member

    You may have discovered the secret: The buttons may be place holders, waiting for the features to be added to the app.

  6. Soapy123

    Soapy123 Member

    Very good point, and something to look forward to. I really have to do something with the emails that come to my phone and I want to keep.

  7. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

  8. Soapy123

    Soapy123 Member

    Hi Steve:

    Does K9 Mail send update notices to our cellphones as other apps do?

    I am just realizing that it may not. I see your info about a new update.

    I went to the site, then checked the version on my phone, which is the version that was first downloaded, which was version 3003!

    I see from the K9 site that the latest version is 3109!

    I guess I can assume that we are not getting notified of updates.

    If you had not told us of this K9 support site we wouldn't even have that!

    Would you suggest that I do all these updates or were any of them problems?

    You said you have not yet tried the "download limits function." What is that?

    Thanks for the info.:)
  9. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    Hi Soapy. There are no update notifications for the beta versions that I install, I just check the linked page every day. You'll notice that some of the downloads are marked as "Market Featured", and these are the milestone updates that the dev decides to put out for all users in the Android Market. If you have the previous "Market Featured" version installed (downloaded from the Market) I believe that you would get an update notification in the usual way of other Market apps.

    I've never had any problems with the betas, and in fact don't notice much difference between them, I'm just keen to get those features as soon as they are available, hence my downloading the betas. Once spam filter and limit size of auto downloads are integrated I'll probably revert back to the Market version and stick with the standard updates.

    The downloads limit function that I refer to is basically a setting that limits the maximum size of message that the app will download automatically. I have some e-mails with large attachments up to 5mb in size sent to me and K-9 automatically downloads them. Not realising this initially led to a hefty data bill (which was annoying because I actually don't need to download those attachments onto my phone), so I now collect my work e-mail using GMail (which only downloads headers unless you request otherwise) instead until the option to limit automatic download size (or an option to download headers only) is activated in K-9.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. Soapy123

    Soapy123 Member

    Steve: Thanks for the response. You have answered my questions, and yes, I did notice the market feature. I will keep checking their site for the betas. Thanks!

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