K9/Thunderbird sync issue! Help!

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  1. taiche

    taiche New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just joined the forums, hope I'm in the right place. Not too tech-savvy so I'd appreciate any help you may have.

    I've had a Droid for sometime and I use it to check my work e-mail. I run K-9 on it since the built-in e-mail app crashes way too often on me. I ran Outlook 2003 on my work laptop although recently after upgrading my laptop to Windows 7, I decided to give Thunderbird a try on recommendation from many people. I set up an IMAP connection to get my work e-mail on it.

    However, my problem is this. In the past, I would check e-mail on my Droid (mark as read), then when I went to Outlook the e-mail would still be unread (this is my preference). With Thunderbird however, if I check my mail on the Droid, it shows up as already read in Thunderbird. I get a ton of mail regularly, and skim through it on the Droid. However, I want to keep them unread on Thunderbird so that once I'm at a computer, I can make sure I don't miss responding to anything.

    I spoke to a friend and was told that usually people prefer the reverse (mark as read on droid -> mark as read on thunderbird) and that it may have something to do with IMAP syncing on the Droid. However, I haven't changed anything on my Droid, and only switched from Outlook to Thunderbird. Does anyone have any advice or can point me to some documentation, especially if this is indeed a Thunderbird issue.

  2. Trel

    Trel Well-Known Member

    Were you using Pop on Outlook and Imap on Thunderbird?
  3. GideonX

    GideonX Guest

    This is how IMAP works (sync across multi clients).

    I suppose you can set one client as POP and make it leave a copy on the server.
  4. taiche

    taiche New Member

    I believe I am running POP but I am not completely sure. It was set up for me by a coworker who is no longer around. Any particular instructions that I should follow?

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