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  1. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    The galaxy Portal has a smaller screen than some phones and less power but i use it allot and love it, its my life line to twitter :)

    anyway, as a twitter junkie i am constantly messing with keyboards on my phone and i wondered what keyboard everyone else uses.

    I have tried the following and here are my thoughts on them (relevant to this phone)

    Ultra Keyboard - Its got swype ability (not sure what else you could call it) that works well but some times does not kick in. the keyboard appears to have a large footprint in memory compared to some others but add the Smoog theme to it and its one of the better looking ones. as far as i can see though the developer has not patched it in an age! - disappointing. a few patches and it could be the best one i have ever used.

    Better keyboard - was my default for ages but FC's more and more as the updates pile on and the developer is not very communicative. still a solid keyboard with some great little touches. left it behind looking for one with swype ability.

    SlideIT - expensive but has the best swype style input of any ive tried (better than swype its self to be honest) but its physically quite large on the screen and has an odd habit of inserting spaces when you don't want them - could be great but needs to be smaller or less intrusive.

    HTC_IME Mod - this one came with the version of samdoid i got from the 'Kitchen' and is a very good default keyboard and gets you buy while you look for an alternative, its like a very tweak free version of better keyboard.

    I have tried some others from the market and those are the ones that i have currently installed.

    whats are your thoughts and is there one that everyone uses that i have not tried?

  2. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member

    hummm bump?
  3. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Swype, rules, end of, shame its only still in beta and I'm not sure you can still sign up.

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