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Kies hangs when rippingSupport

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  1. Oggleroon

    Oggleroon New Member


    I'm a newby to Android having just received a Galaxy Note as a present. I'm trying to transfer my CD collection to it using Samsung Kies (I have the latest version, but it is having real problems. I can rip one CD track at a time. The rip process gets to 99%, then gets stuck, and after a bit I get a message box that the rip has failed, even though it has apparently successfully created the MP3 file. However, I then cannot do anything further with Kies, including shutting it down. I can't even do it by stopping its process in Task manager - it has no effect. Meantime Kies causes interference with other audio-visual applications making them glitch every 10s or so. The only way to get out of this situation is to reboot my PC, which is a pain to have to do with every CD track I rip. Does anyone have and ideas, fixes, etc., or suggestions for a more appropriate forum to post this message?

  2. Oggleroon

    Oggleroon New Member

    Problem solved! Kies was blameless. It was my (ancient) DVD drive that was at fault. I had been intending to replace it for some time, and this problem prompted me to get on with it. Having done so, all is now well.
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  3. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    Glad you managed to solve your problem and thanks for taking the time to let us know.

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