lack of android quality games apps

  1. mitchellmyler

    mitchellmyler Well-Known Member

    switching from the ipod touch to the android i was under the impression that the games would be the same, but the ipod has MUCH better games and much more. looks like the droid x has dos and basic games :/ will this change soon. I love my DX and will never switch back but was hoping for better games

  2. 2009m6

    2009m6 Well-Known Member

    have you tried the emulators? there are thousands of games at your disposal.

    if that doesnt interest the gamer in you, a playstation 1 emulator is coming out soon. word is a n64 emulator is also on the way.

    As far as small lightweight games, the droid x has plenty at its disposal. it will have even more once froyo comes out and you can play flash games through the browser

    Im not much for gaming on a tiny screen, I prefer my giant hdtv and ps3... but i hope that helps you
  3. Paznos

    Paznos Well-Known Member

    Well there's a rumor that Google is going to start Google Games later this year and with the way Android is picking up steam I'm sure we'll start to get more games.
  4. mitchellmyler

    mitchellmyler Well-Known Member

    that sounds good I see a great quality in application apps and I love that since the Ipod had basicly no good applications and just games.
  5. spire8989

    spire8989 Member

  6. hahaha what

    hahaha what Well-Known Member

    yeah i hear ya, though i've been meaning to pick up the gba emulator since a bunch of gba games i can think of are better than anything i've ever loaded onto my iphone
  7. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    Games is a weakness in the Android Market if you really care about it. It is getting better though! If Google really is going to be doing "Google Games", then it should catch on quickly.
  8. 2009m6

    2009m6 Well-Known Member

    they have a snes a sega genesis. They even have a capcom emulator. I have not used it, but supposedly it can play thge streetfighter vs and marvel vs capcom games.

    the emulators are there, you just have to work a little and aquire the roms;)
  9. mitchellmyler

    mitchellmyler Well-Known Member

    i dont think droid x will allow u to play emulators
  10. FlyingPenguin

    FlyingPenguin Member

    droid x absolutely works with emulators. I'm playing pokemon emerald on gameboid lite as we speak. You just have to go into settings and enable "virtual keypad", "multitouch", and change the settings as you will. Works great.
  11. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I think I read an article yesterday or maybe even today that there's a ton of awesome games out there, but some manu's aren't putting them in marketplace for some reason. Maybe someone can find that article.
  12. Garrett67

    Garrett67 Well-Known Member

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