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Launcher queries

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  1. viral1991

    viral1991 Active Member

    Hello. Having read about launchers, out seems they are a Vertu exciting concept, allowing us to revamp poor phone. I have a few queries regarding it :

    How do the launchers like laughter pro, ADW, etc. compare against the lg launcher in battery usage and ram usage, for this phone?

    Is to possible to safely remove the launcher afterwards?

    Will it need to be re enabled on startup?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    1) The extra battery they use is negligible..
    2) Yes u can simply uninstall it, like any other application..
    3) When u will press the home button, it will ask for which launcher to use. click on the installed one and tick use as default.. this way you need to re-enable it at startup.
    (It can be reverted by going to Manage Apps > Click on the launcher being used > clear defaults.

    coz if somehow ur current launcher crashes or something, the phone will boot up the default on a reboot..
    Hope this helps.. :)
  3. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    RAM and battery use for any launcher depends mainly on what transitions we use, the number of home screens we keep, the widgets and shortcuts (especially widgets) we have on each home screen, etc. As we use more of these features, the launcher needs more system resources like RAM, processor and battery. But still, it doesn't effect battery life as much as data and other connectivity options.

    I use Go Launcher Ex and I have 5 home screens, each with 4 shortcuts and a widget, 2 docks and I've enabled all the transitions I can (I actually like to play with my phone and watch all the amazing transitions). But there was no noticeable decrease in performance or battery life for my phone compared to the stock LG Home launcher.

    A launcher is just like any other app, you can uninstall it any time you want, just make sure you have atleast 1 launcher installed at a time. The stock launcher is needed if you ever do a factory reset, but if you are confident you can fix our phone without factory reset, then you can uninstall LG Home launcher after you install another launcher from the market. (I wont recommend this for all users).

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