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  1. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

    Seems it's the only thing we are missing. Well.... almost the only thing.


  2. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member


    Slide to the left:

    Slide to the right:
  3. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

  4. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    Taylor is a widget, but I think it tries to push some kind of ads. "Air" something - when I boot my phone I get a notice. I don't click "OK", I click close. Haven't actually seen any ads yet. It gives info on an app to install to opt-out, but people say it gives you more ads, maybe a virus. So not installing - just keep hitting close.
  5. monacelli

    monacelli Member

    What settings widget is that? I'm looking for something similar since our notification dropdown is stock 2.3.7 and lacking the quick settings.
  6. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

  7. PilotBob

    PilotBob Well-Known Member

  8. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Nice, simple layout.. everything at your fingertips. Good job! I'm going to have to look into a Windows-like phone layout, I love the simplicity. Which launcher is that?
  9. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

  10. redbugz007

    redbugz007 Member

    Thanks guys I am using Launcher8. It has been pretty good to much, except for the odd handleing of images. for example the live preview gallery widget didn't work well. so I made a large button and applied a picture bg. here are more shots as I scroll down.[​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much, I'm going to try this launcher this evening.. I saw it in the play store last week but didn't install it for some reason.
  12. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    If stealing phone ideas was a thing, I would be in jail right now.

  13. anthonypaige

    anthonypaige Well-Known Member


    Hall of Fame lvl. 4,6,7,8,10
  14. Sinner67

    Sinner67 Well-Known Member

    What power widgets are those?

  15. pOsSuM72

    pOsSuM72 Well-Known Member

    Here's mine for the moment.

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  16. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

  17. biffking

    biffking Active Member

    Here is my screen at the moment
  18. cfreeman90

    cfreeman90 Well-Known Member

    Been trying to post my home screen, But being the total "noob" that I am I don't know how....lol
  19. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    You have to upload the picture somewhere like DropBox in it's public folder and then right-click on the picture file and "copy public link" (says something like that). Then when you try to post on here, click the link icon (looks like globe with chain link under it). Paste the DropBox link URL you copied into the "link URL" box. When you post, the picture should show up.
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  20. shadowqueene

    shadowqueene Member

    Apparently I'm not smart enough to get the pix to show lol

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  21. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nice wallpaper!
  22. shadowqueene

    shadowqueene Member

    Thanks. I think I just searched for "dark ICS wallpapers"
    I'm happy with how my phone looks right now. Or at least for the next few days.
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