LG Optimus Slider: ODIN? "Download Mode"?

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  1. the86d

    the86d Member

    Custom recovery went stock, I can't seem to get into download mode, su x permission denied, and all one-click-roots I have tried have issues. Oh, and I am denied permissions to x chmod, so I think I am stuck.

    Is there an LG equivalent to ODIN for Samsung that will work on this VM LG Optimus Slider? AND how do you get this bad boy into "Download mode", not recovery? OR is there a signed complete replacement ROM that will rewrite everything?

    I can't seem to find any info after searching multiple forums for days.

    It is really not an issue, as the phone has been retired, but my son would like to have his old phone up and working as a backup for FB, Music, etc, you know... the important stuff.. :)

  2. the86d

    the86d Member

    Nobody? Anything, or am I just not able to find info and everybody else that has had an LG already knows?
  3. the86d

    the86d Member

    Finally after searching for about a week, I finally found the button seq to drop this into download mode. Please advise as to what application (KDZ, LGDMP?) to flash with, or if someone has posted firmware, and such.
  4. the86d

    the86d Member

    Does anyone know a way to rewrite the initial firmware, maybe via Download mode?
  5. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    Not a lot of development here man. The sliders kinda dead. I'm on here cuz my girlfriend has one. Why doesn't the click root work? You have to make damn sure ALL the right drivers are installed. Find the phone on LG's website and go to Manuals And Downloads, download the driver, it should be a verizon driver or somethin. After that just boot the phone up, and make sure it's on or atleast in Download Mode, then try the click root again.
  6. the86d

    the86d Member

    I got it to work, somehow busybox functions were relinked to toolbox(?), and after figuring that out I was good to go to start over, but I had to mod some of the one-click-root batch scripts to adapt to that. I rerooted, redropped recovery, and all good now, but after getting frustrated, and then letting it sit for months... :) "toolbox ls -l" is what I had to do for an ls, it was a pain, but I got it yesterday...

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