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  1. trayluv73

    trayluv73 Member

    I traded my Samsung galaxy II for a LG Thrill because I had the HTC Evo 3D when I was with Sprint but they kicked me off because I was using too much of their unlimited service, anyway I got my LG Thrill and I unlocked it but I CAN ONLY GET EDGE ON IT!! What do I need to do to atleast get 3g. PLEASE HELP!! I know the 4G is on another frequency but the 3g isn't.

  2. affenzeit

    affenzeit Active Member

    Try flashing one of the gingerbread basebands from xda and then the build.prop tweaks to speed it up. When I did that, I got 4g over tmobile. Read carefully first, because its not for the faint of heart. Pm me if you have any problems. I've already flashed mine back to stock to sell it because I got the LG Spectrum over the weekend.
  3. trayluv73

    trayluv73 Member

    Is there a link with the instructions on it. I couldn't see where to pm you, sorry.
  4. jiggatwo

    jiggatwo New Member

    If you have the unlocked US AT&T version, you will never get mover that 2G speeds. You will need the unlocked international version model P925. I have one that I use on Simple Mobile and it's great.
  5. villasharingan

    villasharingan New Member

    I have the LG P-925 (Thrill). It is unlocked and running on T-Mobile, but I can't get past EDGE speeds. What can I do to get the speed up?
  6. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    If you've tested all T-mobile APN settings on your device and each time only receive EDGE speeds, then it isn't possible to go any faster. I'm using Straight Talk on my device, Unlimited everything for $45/month. I get HSPA+ speeds. It uses both the T-mobile and AT&T network, meaning you get roaming between those two networks. Works great, forget T-mobile. Straight Talk sim cards also work on almost any other T-mobile or AT&T device.

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