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  1. spiritus

    spiritus Member

    One of the reasons I chose to upgrade to an Orange Panther tariff was the choice of swapables appealed to me, in particular, the Times newspaper subscription and the Orange E-Book Store.

    However, it seems they may not be available on the One X as when I go to Orange World, they are not listed.

    Is anyone actually getting this on Orange Swapables in the UK on the HTC One X ?


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I'm on the Panther tariff and I'm sure I could select everything that was advertised on I've got 7 days before I can change though and it won't let me check what's available unfortunately.

    I'm pretty positive I could def select The Times as I came pretty close to choosing it.
  3. spiritus

    spiritus Member

    Cheers buddy.

    My phone was only activated today so maybe there's a bit of lag with what's on offer to me.

    I'm also unfamiliar with Orange World's site and find it's sending me on something of a loop when I try to access Swapables and Extras. It's almost as if I'm directed to selecting Extras instead of Swapables.

    When I choose Swapables it asks me for my mobile no, then sends me an activation link before the whole merry go round starts again.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    That sounds like it's not active yet (it's exactly what happened to me). Were you in the middle of a billing month when you upgraded or are you entirely new to Orange?

    I got my handset on release and couldn't activate the swapables until the 22nd.

    Can you do it via on a PC?
  5. spiritus

    spiritus Member

    Yup. I think we hit upon the answer at the same time ! :)

    I logged into Orange and I am still showing as being on Dolphin which is why I am being directed to buying Extras instead of complimentary Swapables.

    So the Swapables should be activated on the next billing cycle ?
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

  7. spiritus

    spiritus Member

  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I got Skysports for use at work (I can see the Orange Cell tower from the window and I get a faster connection using 3G/H, than I do using the work WiFi). I'd the Derby on the week before and Wigan Vs Blackburn too, even if I'm not watching the game, I've got an earphone to listen while I work. I do nights, so SkySports News will be on most of the night too.

    Yep, not switched on ANY of the Sky Sports channels since about 5PM yesterday. :p
  9. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Biggest waste of service ever. All hype and no delivery.... of course, what was I thinking. Had a crap experience with it. Got the Sky Sports and TV packages. Sky sports, buffers, hangs and jumps like a service possessed whenever the content is watched by more than 6 people and the "Other " channels are in such low definition, or the audio is not synced properly.
    So much for taking advantage of the Big Galaxy Note Screen........
  10. natalie87

    natalie87 New Member

    Hi i appear to havethe same problem. when i enter orange world i have to enter my mobile number again to get the authenticate message. here i select my swapables. tried the book one but wasnt even very good choice or even proper books. also tried the puzzler but wnt let me choose it. i have ?had the games one for last few months but so far have only been able to use it once. i jus get a list of normal games at a cost. spoke to orange which didnt help. but im defo subscribed ect. any ideas wer im goin wrong
  11. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Only place that you are going wrong Natalie is believing that the swapables were actually any good in the first place...... :(
  12. tommo47

    tommo47 Well-Known Member Contributor

    My overall experience of Swapables has been good. I changed from Panther 35 to Panther 36 in March to get Swapables with the added bonus of an extra 250MB/month.
    I chose Deezer and Puzzler to begin with and had no problems in activating them. I love my music and am very pleased with Deezer and don't intend swapping it out. I got bored with Puzzler and swapped it out after the 30 days. Although I'm more than happy with HTC Locations and Maps for navigation, decided to give Navigon a try. I found it a total waste of time and the 30 days didn't go quickly enough. Swapped it out for The Times which was a good choice and I'll probably stick with Deezer and The Times for the foreseeable.

    As far as accessing Swapables and downloading/activating the apps is concerned, it's all gone smoothly and I give Orange 10/10.
  13. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    ^^Likewise, my experience with swapables has been near enough excellent. I've used Deezer and the SkySports package so far and had minimal to no issues with either.

    I managed to watch the Champions league final no problems, it cut out about 3 times during the entire 90 mins, extra time and penalty shootout, I'll also have Skysports News running in the background with my headphones in on breaks at work.

    Deezer, awesome, I can't believe I have access to all that music for free!

    Natalie, re the games, it might have prices on the page, but if you download, does it charge you or have you not tried?

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